Ethiopia designates members to Regional Task Force on Trade Facilitation

The Ministers of Finance, Trade and Transport, and the Ethiopian Customs Commission have completed the designation of their national members to the HoAI Regional Task Force for Trade Facilitation. Similar designation was done by Djibouti on December 15, 2022.

The HoAI Task Force for Trade Facilitation is a regional body established by the HoAI Joint Ministerial Declaration on Trade Facilitation which will be responsible for the design and preparation of regional projects in the area of trade and transport facilitation to submit to the Developing Partners who support the Initiative for the request of the financial and technical assistance needed for their launch and implementation.

The Task Force will be responsible to assemble the facilitation measures identified in the HoAI Trade Facilitation Roadmap into coherent regional projects covering trade, customs, and logistics facilitation issues, with an estimation of financial and technical needsdetailed actions to be implemented, and their intended results.

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