Meetings in Nairobi and Addis Ababa to discuss projects in the areas of trade, logistics, and transport

The World Bank is organising a series of stakeholders’ consultations in Nairobi (November 2-3, 2022) and Addis Ababa (November 7-9 th , 2022), to plan the identification and design of a broad range of projects to be developed in the Horn of Africa, particularly those described in the HoAI trade facilitation roadmap. To this end, the two workshops will be arranged in Kenya’s and Ethiopia’s capital cities with government delegations from Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and South Sudan, as well as with representatives from the African Development Bank and the European Union. A series of bilateral consultations with government agencies with trade and transport-related responsibilities and private sector apex organisations will follow up to explore ways to ensure that their needs and priorities
are incorporated into the formulation of the projects so as to achieve shared and achievable goals for advancing economic integration in the Horn.

The overall objective of consultations is to gain a holistic view of financial, technical, and capacity-building needs for the implementation of the HoAI trade facilitation agenda and other trade-related regulatory reforms. Discussion topics will focus on the current status of the HoAI Trade Facilitation Roadmap implementation, with an overview of the proposed projects in the areas of trade, logistics, transport, small-scale cross-border trade, and institutional reforms for improving regional policy coordination and reducing non-tariff barriers.

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