Horn of Africa Infrastructure Connectivity and Regional Economic Integration


This project supports coordination, studies and provides technical assistance with a focus on improving regional infrastructure connectivity, the first of four priority areas identified by Horn of Africa nations. The project can support other areas of focus as well.

The objective of the project is to facilitate the overall coordination and implementation of the HoAI, with a focus on transport, energy and digital development.

The action finances the following type of activities:

  • diagnostic studies to respond to regional priorities
  • feasibility and design studies for the identified priority projects
  • institutional capacity building activities
  • coordination and communication activities including meetings, studies of common interest, monitoring

The list of priority studies and related investments are being refined and will depend on available funding. This prioritization exercise, carried out under the guidance of the Chair of the HoAI, is ongoing. 

The project is funded by the European Union with an amount of EUR 40 000 000.

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