HoAI Secretariat holds trade facilitation workshop at the South Sudan Ministry of Trade

HoAI Secretariat Team made a presentation of the Horn of Africa Initiative (HoAI) Trade Facilitation Roadmap approved during the latest meeting of the HoA Ministers of Finance, held on 30 June 2022.

The workshop was held at the Ministry of Trade of South Sudan with the participation of officials from the Ministries of Trade and Transport. It focused on the priority regional actions that have the highest potential to improve trade and economic convergence between the HoAI countries and on how to rapidly integrate South Sudan within the regional trade facilitation agenda.

A question-and-answer session took place to explore the level of interest and alignment of the goals and activities planned in the roadmap with the strategic objectives of the country. Consensus was reached over the next steps of the programme design and implementation process related to trade facilitation under the HoAI.